19:24 21.04.2024

Canada to provide Ukraine with additional support package in 2024

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Canada will provide Ukraine with an additional support package in 2024, which includes budget support of 2.4 billion Canadian dollars, Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada Yulia Kovaliv said on her Facebook page.

"We have an additional package of support from Canada in the submitted budget for 2024.

Budget support in the amount of 2.4 billion Canadian dollars (of which 2 billion have already been transferred through the IMF Special Account), an additional 400 million will arrive in the coming months.

1.6 billion Canadian dollars as part of a new 5-year military assistance program under the Security Agreement signed in Kiev on 24.02.2024.

216.7 million Canadian dollars through the EBRD to fund Ukraine's reconstruction projects.

76 million Canadian dollars to finance projects under the program to maintain peace and security in Ukraine, in particular humanitarian demining," - wrote Kovaliv.

Also, the Ambassador emphasized, the budget notes the plan of the Government of Canada to cooperate with international partners, the G7 countries to bring Russia to account, including through the confiscation of sovereign assets of the Russian Federation.