Zelensky in interview with Rai 1: Macron looking for way out for Russia in vain, he has already found no result in mediation for sake of stopping invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that French leader Emmanuel Macron is in vain trying to find a diplomatic language with Russia to end the war because he has already had a negative experience in seeking mediation between Russia and Ukraine.

""We should not look for a way out for Russia, and Macron does it in vain. I think he has excellent experience: until Russia itself wants and understands that it needs it [ending the war], it will not look for any way out. Maybe Emmanuel knows something more. I know that he wanted to find some results in mediation between Russia and Ukraine. But he didn't find any. Not from our side, but from the Russian side," Zelensky said in an interview with the Italian TV channel Rai 1, published on the head of state's Telegram channel on Friday.

"And for me to suggest some things related to concessions of our sovereignty for the sake of saving face for Putin is not very correct. We are not ready to save something for someone and lose our territories over it," he added.