G7 declaration: Ukraine committed to continue reforms, strengthen civilian control over AFU

Ukraine, according to the text of the Joint Declaration of support for Ukraine, announced by the leaders of the G7 countries in Vilnius, pledged to continue reforms and strengthen civilian control over the armed forces.

"For its part, Ukraine is committed to contributing positively to partner security and to strengthen transparency and accountability measures with regard to partner assistance; continuing implementation of the law enforcement, judiciary, anti-corruption, corporate governance, economic, security sector, and state management reforms that underscore its commitment to democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights and media freedom, and put its economy on a sustainable path," according to the document.

Ukraine also pledged to "advancing defense reforms and modernization including by strengthening democratic civilian control of the military and improving efficiency and transparency across Ukraine's defense institutions and industry."

"The EU and its Member States stand ready to contribute to this effort and will swiftly consider the modalities of such contribution. This effort will be taken forward while Ukraine pursues a pathway toward future membership in the Euro-Atlantic community," according to the declaration.

"Other countries that wish to contribute to this effort to ensure a free, strong, independent, and sovereign Ukraine may join this Joint Declaration at any time," the authors of the declaration said in the document.