20:27 06.11.2023

European Commission head calls military support, Ukraine's admission into EU geostrategic interests of Europe

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President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, speaking at the conference of EU ambassadors, said: the European Union, helping Ukraine, "must try to focus on the way forward, " and formulated three goals of such support.

“The first objective must be to continue to work for a just and lasting peace, not another frozen conflict (…)The main pathway to achieve this is President Zelenskyy's Peace Formula.

That is why, we, the Commission, participated in all three meetings of National Security Advisers,” the head of the European Commission said in Brussels on Monday.

Second, von der Leyen continued, the EU “has to ensure a sustained military force capable of defending Ukraine now and (…) in the future.”

“This has, of course, strong implications for our defence industry. We must step up our production capacities. This is why we have introduced ASAP, the Act in Support of Ammunition Production. But we must, of course, also look beyond ammunition. We have to look at air defence – which is crucial at the moment being –, maritime capabilities, but, of course, for the mid and long term, also cyber and space. (…) We have to ensure now that no industrial bottleneck prevents us from protecting Europe and giving our full support to Ukraine,” the EC president explained.

“My third point: The best way to give Ukraine stability and prosperity in the mid and long term is, of course, Membership in the European Union. Just think about it, to make Ukraine recover – Europe is the answer. To strengthen Ukraine's democracy even further – Europe is the answer. To protect Ukraine (…), Europe is the answer,” von der Leyen said.

She added that “it is clearly in Europe's geostrategic interest to complete our Union.”