Shmyhal: Some 1,102 communities identified that have services in field of mental health

The Coordination Center for Mental Health conducted a preliminary audit of services and the professional ability to provide them, as a result of which 1,102 communities were identified that have services or potential providers in the field of mental health, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said.

"For example, in the field of education, 87% of Ukrainian communities have such an opportunity. But in the field of social protection, the coverage rate with services reaches only 27%. After an audit of the quantity, an audit of the quality of these services should be conducted. It is necessary to understand what is missing in order for protection mental health to be effective and efficient," Shmyhal said during a meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Council on Mental Health.

First lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska also took part in the meeting, who noted that 2024 should be the year of maximum dissemination of projects in the field of mental health in the regions, so that "psychological services reach every Ukrainian, no matter how far away he lives from large cities."

In turn, the head of the Ukrainian government emphasized that "the focus of the work of the Government and ministries is the presence of the context of mental health in all policies where a person interacts with the state."