Defense Ministry tests drones from six manufacturers, one of them demonstrates high technical data, readiness to scale

Regular tests of Ukrainian unmanned aerial systems of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine demonstrated the high technical data of one of the kamikaze drones and the manufacturer's readiness to scale production, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports.

"In the tests that took place recently, drones from six manufacturers were tested. Mainly FPV drones designed and manufactured by private companies. The purpose of these tests was to test the operation of drones under the influence of radiation from an electronic warfare (EW) complex, and separately we tested the resistance of UAVs to suppression of video communication signal and drone control channel," the Ministry of Defense said in a message on its Telegram channel on Saturday.

"One of the manufacturers demonstrated its serial development of a kamikaze drone. This sample showed the stability of video communication channels and drone control in confrontation with an electronic warfare system," the Ministry of Defense informs.

According to a company representative, this model has already proven itself well in combat conditions and has fairly stable performance in confrontation with enemy electronic warfare systems. In case of successful further tests and approval for operation of this UAV, the enterprise is ready to scale up its production.

"The project began about a year ago, but now we have reached a level that can be demonstrated. This drone is capable of performing combat missions at a distance of up to ten kilometers. The technologies that were used to develop this model are not some kind of innovative or unique, they are a hodgepodge of our knowledge, a successful combination of experience from previous products," a representative of the manufacturing company said.

As noted in the Ministry of Defense message, the ministry regularly arranges such tests of new UAV models. The number of enterprises that, on their own initiative, are working on the creation of modern Ukrainian drones already reaches several hundred, because this type of weapon is extremely in demand in the army.