19:47 16.04.2024

Stefanchuk in PACE: Time for condemning Russian aggression passed, time come for united resistance to Russia's terror

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Stefanchuk in PACE: Time for condemning Russian aggression passed, time come for united resistance to Russia's terror

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk called on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to join forces against Russia's aggression.

"We need to act immediately. The time of great concern and decisive condemnation has passed. The time of reflection and doubt has passed whether to provide or not give weapons to Ukraine. The time of leaky sanctions is long gone, since it is impossible to win a war that you yourself finance. But the time has come for frank and truthful assessments. The time has come for quick decisions and actions. The time has come for responsible leadership to choose decisive united resistance to Russian terror," Stefanchuk said at the PACE spring session in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

According to the press service of the Verkhovna Rada apparatus, the chairman of the Ukrainian parliament focused on the fact that peacemaking games, a shortage of weapons, imperfect sanctions, delays in seizing Russian assets, and the absence of mechanisms for responsibility and punishment make the Russian non-human stronger.

According to Stefanchuk, he knows that the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly do not have a mandate to resolve military or economic issues, but wants to be heard by representatives of European parliaments.

"I really want you to hear me. Since in this hall I speak to politicians representing the parliaments of 46 countries of the European continent. I appeal to you, as the leaders of the interests of all citizens of Europe. I appeal to you to direct all your efforts in support our joint struggle," Stefanchuk said.

He said an air defense system costs much less than the damage caused by a missile that was not stopped by it.

"Each electronic warfare system increases the ability to neutralize enemy drones, and therefore save human lives," the chairman said.

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada said Ukraine wants peace, but peace not at any cost, but a fair and sustainable peace, which the implementation of the peace formula of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is designed to bring. Stefanchuk expressed his conviction that the Council of Europe should be a participant in the process that will return peace and tranquility to the continent.

According to Stefanchuk, the report "Support for Ukraine's restoration," which is being discussed in PACE, talks about justice.

"After all, the creation of a comprehensive compensation mechanism is also about justice. Its launch will be... a powerful manifestation of a collective commitment to the rule of law and international norms," Stefanchuk said.

The Verkhovna Rada chairman also said after the creation of the International Register of Ukraine's losses from Russian aggression and the opening of a subsidiary office in Kyiv, the next steps should be the creation of a Compensation Commission and the establishment of a Compensation Fund.

"Taken together, this will make it possible to fully launch the work of a comprehensive compensation mechanism," Stefanchuk said.