20:09 17.04.2024

Vozdvizhenka residential complex asks authorities to intervene in ARMA's trying to replace manager of seized assets

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Residential Complex Vozdvizhenka LLC denies the conclusions of the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) about management inefficiency and appealed to the authorities with a request to intervene in the situation.

“The residential complex Vozdvizhenka appeals to the president, the government and the National Security and Defense Council with a request to pay attention to the current situation and prevent sabotage of the main goal of seizure and management - ensuring the preservation of material evidence, the inevitability of the onset of negative consequences of committing criminal offenses, especially for criminals hiding in the territory of the aggressor state,” said Hennadiy Piontkovsky, a representative of the single participant of Vozdvizhenka Residential Complex LLC, during a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Wednesday.

According to Olha Shabelnyk, director of Vozdvizhenka Residential Complex LLC, the current situation harms the country’s image, and discredits ARMA and the process of managing seized property.

“We are confident that any government agency, be it tax, customs or ARMA, should build a service, not a criminal, model in interaction with the business environment. This is what our Western partners expect from them. It is not in vain that attention of the G7 ambassadors was riveted to the leadership of ARMA,” she emphasized.

Piontkovsky indicated that in the period from 2019 to 2023, the complex received more than 400 certificates based on the results of ARMA audits on the coordination of expenses and effective management, and the total amount of revenue to budgets of all levels for the entire management period was UAH 177 million. At the same time, the department’s conclusion about management inefficiency is contained in one document issued in February 2024.

“The actions of ARMA make us think that recently there has been some kind of prejudice towards the Vozdvizhenka residential complex. Vozdvizhenka asks ARMA to stop pressure and return to a constructive dialogue to improve the efficiency of asset management, which will benefit all participants in these legal relations,” concluded Piontkovsky.

As reported, in April 2024, ARMA announced its intention to replace the manager of 126 properties due to the ineffective work of Vozdvizhenka Residential Complex LLC. In turn, the company stated that the conclusions about management inefficiency were unfounded.

In 2018, ARMA transferred to the management of Vozdvizhenka Residential Complex LLC, part of DCH Group of businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, 32 real estate objects (car showrooms, service stations, warehouses and commercial premises) that belonged to the AIS group of companies.

According to Vozdvizhenka Residential Complex, in total the company manages 195 properties in 16 regions of Ukraine.